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Cost of living in the Tropics

Did you know, cooling costs account for up to 40% of Territorians electricity bills on average!

We can’t change our tropical weather, but we do have a few tips below on how you can reduce your electricity bill.

*️⃣ Set your aircon at a higher temperature (recommended between 24 ̊C to 27 ̊C). Pick a temp that is comfortable and still provides cooling. For every degree you lower your aircon it can increase its running costs by up to 10%.

*️⃣ Use your ceiling fans to reduce humidity and distribute cold air more evenly.

*️⃣ Regularly service your aircon to maintain its optimal performance. Servicing will also extend the life of the unit and help to avoid costly repairs or breakdowns. We recommend annual servicing.

*️⃣ Clean your aircon filters regularly. Dirty, clogged filters can increase your units running costs by 5% to 10%.

*️⃣ When buying new aircon, consider a model with at least a 4.5 star energy rating. Every extra star can reduce running costs by 10%.

*️⃣ When buying a new aircon, ensure you get an aircon unit that is suitable for your room size and conditions. We can assess your rooms heat load and provide advice on size suitability.

*️⃣ Turn off your aircon when you leave the house or are no longer using the room.

*Statistics sourced from Jacana Energy.